Security Wristbands

Security wristbands from keep your guests and staff safe

Durable - Water-proof, tear-proof, stretch-proof and non-transferrable, our plastic and Tyvek wristbands stay where you put them. Your staff can be confident that the person wearing your wristband is the person who purchased it.

Safe - Keep events and patrons safer by helping your staff quickly identify who does and does not belong in your venue or event. Perfect for age-restricted shows or exclusive events.

Customizable – Find what paper wristbands best suit your needs and choose between our color selection, including bright red, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink, light blue, gold, silver, orange checker, black and white.


How Security wristbands can help improve your event safety:

Whether it be for checking underage drinkers, crowd control, admission or other security matters, these wristbands will help to make your next event fun and safe without breaking the bank.

Because our bands are durable, you know the person wearing the band bought it. No more trading wristbands in dark corners. Stop gatecrashers and uninvited guests in their tracks.

Why not choose to customize your wristbands by choosing the color, design, and text on the security wristbands for your event? Custom wristbands make it even easier for you to spot a counterfeit band a mile away.

Order by 2 pm, we’ll ship out your order the same day. Guaranteed!