Tear-Off Tab Wristbands

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By: Johanna Isler (Google)

Our Tear-Off Tab Wristbands are one of our most unique products and are useful for all kinds of things! Our Tear-Off Tab Wristbands come in both durable Tyvek and Plastic options to better suit your event's needs. They include removable tabs to help you keep track of things like meal or drink tickets, or ride vouchers. Multi-tab wristbands are popular at events where admission includes a limited number of something - such as fairs and theme parks. Many of our customers find them perfect for school events, pub-crawls, parties and weddings.

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Your guest can quickly tear the tabs from their wristband and exchange them for the items of their choice - it's easy! The Plastic wristbands come with either 3 or 5 tabs (you can even place special orders for 7 and 10 tab wristbands, too! Just give us a call for more details) and are available in multiple colors including green, orange, red and yellow. Our Tyvek Tear-Off Tab Wristbands come in a 3 tab option in five different colors: green, orange, red, yellow and pink. And as with all our wristbands, these wristbands are secure and non-transferable.

Oh, and we can customize them, too! Have a look at some details and place your order here for custom plastic tear-off tab wristbands. Just like with any of our custom wristbands, you can have your own custom writing or logo placed on the body of the wristband. You can also customize the individual tabs with things like bar logos, restaurant names or numbers.

A few of the great features of the Tear-Off Tab Plastic Wristbands include:

  • 3 layer vinyl construction
  • 3 tab or 5 tab tear-offs
  • Multiple neon colors available
  • Security snap closure
  • Waterproof

Some of the great Tyvek Tear-Off Tab Wristbands features include:

  • One size fits all
  • Bright, flourescent colors that are easy to identify
  • Comfortable
  • Stretch-proof
  • Non-transferable
  • 3 detachable Tyvek tabs