Product Spotlight: Custom Plastic Wristbands

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By Johanna Isler (Google)

Hopefully you all enjoyed our product spotlight featuring our custom Tyvek event wristbands because now I'm going to cover some equally-informative and helpful information about our custom plastic wristbands!

Much like its custom counter part, our Tyvek wristband, our plastic wristbands are pretty awesome. We offer 3 different types of plastic wristbands which can be customized including our standard solid color plastic wristbands, our holographic wristbands and our tear-off tab plastic wristbands. Each is priced uniquely so be sure to click the links to check out specifics on pricing, but our most popular and most affordable are the solid color plastic wristbands.

Some important details regarding our plastic wristbands:

1. They are super secure and non-transferrable so once that snap is shut the wristband cannot be removed without being destroyed.

2. We offer plastic customization in a wide variety of colors, 11 to be exact. And that doesn't even include our holographic colors!

3. Turnaround time for plastic wristbands is about 7 to 10 business days for production after your proof has been approved which takes about a business day for us to create.

4. Want your wristbands numbered? We can do that- just be sure to designate it as such! Sequential numbering is available at an extra cost of only $5 bucks!

5. We print in black ONLY (no shading) unless you are ordering black plastic wristbands in which case we print your logo or text in white. If you're interested in additional colors, we can look into for you, but the order will need to exceed a total of 10,000 wristbands. Just get in touch if you'd like more info!

Now that you know a little more about the details of our custom plastic wristbands let me explain the process for you. It's really exciting stuff so prepare yourself! So let's say you're interested in placing an order for custom plastic wristbands. What's the first step? Just head over to our ordering page here! You'll be able to review some of the important details I mentioned above such as the price per box, the setup fee cost, the wristbands dimensions (10 in x 0.625 in), production time and all the bright and vibrant colors available. Once you know what colors you'd like, just let us know when you need the wristbands in hand. This is important as our art department will keep in touch with you regarding the estimated time of arrival and they'll let you know whether we can get your wristbands to you in time without you needing to upgrade your shipping or production time. And once you fill out that field you can go ahead and upload your artwork. Super simple! And if you prefer, you can always email your artwork to us, too!

That about covers it. Ordering custom wristbands with us is easy and super affordable! If you're still hesitant to place an order, you can always send us over your artwork and request a pre-order proof so you can have a better idea of what to expect. And if custom plastic doesn't quite fit for your event, you can always check out our custom Tyvek wristbands, too!