Choosing Custom Wristbands vs. Stock Designs

Robert BrushMay 24, '20

custom wristbands

Like many other event organizers and venue owners, you're probably trying to decide between custom wristbands or going with a standard basic solid color or pre-printed design.

Yes, our stock colors and patterns are cheaper but by customizing your wristbands you're adding an extra layer of security along with some uniqueness and extra professionalism to your event.

If you choose a stock color or design, there's nothing to stop someone from going to their local Walmart or Party City to try to buy the same wristband. (P.S. Party City wristbands cost $45 for 500 and ours only cost $12.99 for 500!)

For just a few dollars more, you can customize any of our standard wristbands. Take a neon pink wristband and add the name of your event or venue. Take a neon green wristband and add your logo. The possibilities are endless.

It's easy to customize your wristbands:

  1. Browse our stock and choose either a solid color or a pattern that you like
  2. Select the option to customize your wristband with either some text and/or some images or your logo
  3. Pay for your order
  4. In a couple of hours, we'll send you a proof
  5. Once printed, we'll ship your wristbands out to you straight away.

We even have options to get custom wristbands delivered in 24 hours.

custom wristbands