Creative Ways to Use Custom Wristbands

Robert BrushMay 21, '20


Custom wristbands can be used for just about anything you put your mind to, and since we get hundreds of orders for custom bands every week, we consider ourselves to be experts on all the fun options.

  • Company Logo + Event Name
    • Putting your company's logo onto the wristbands is a great way to increase band awareness and legitimize your event.
    • It also helps to increase the security of your event by ensuring people won't be able to use counterfeit wristbands to crash the event.
  • Social Media
    • Increase social media awareness by putting your company or event's Facebook page or Twitter handle
    • Ask people to take pictures and upload them to social media with a special hashtag for your event. Turn it in to a contest where participants can win a prize for the best photo!
    • This not only engages the attendants of the event, but acts as free advertising to increase sales for the event next year!
  • Advertising
    • Allow event sponsors to put their logo's on the bands as advertising.
    • This can help to cover the cost of the wristbands themselves or any other costs to the event.
    • Have the sponsor include a promotion on the wristband that can allow guests to receive a discount when they present their wristbands at the sponsor's place of business.
  • Distinguish Event Staff & Guests
    • Save money by using different colored wristbands to distinguish the event staff from general admission guests or VIP guests

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