Brandon O'ConnorMay 26, '20

how to host a pool party


Anyone with a summer-time birthday knows that the best way to celebrate is to throw a pool party (or lake or beach, if you have one around)! While the presence of a pool automatically makes your party better than the average party, we're here to help it make the absolute best!


  • Send guests water-themed invitations so they know what to expect!
  • Creat fun customized tickets using Beach Theme ticket templates for a unique party invite
  • Send your guests a customized Tyvek wristband for them to wear - this will help parents to know who is a member of the birthday party and help keep track of youngsters in the pool or lake. Tyvek wristbands are waterproof, making them perfect for a pool party!


  • Set up a designated area by the pool or lake to keep food, presents, and the birthday cake
  • Pick a theme for your party so that all of your decorations, plates, napkins and cups can match
  • Use table cloths, balloons, and center pieces to tie everything in together

Party Favors

  • No birthday party is complete without some fun party favors!
  • As a special token for all your guests coming to celebrate your child's birthday, you can either prepare a little bag with toys, candy, or maybe a beach ball/sunglasses


  • Be sure there will be a lifeguard on duty at the pool or lake area you're going to hold your party
  • If there isn't one, ask a parent to help chaperone the kids to ensure safety at the party

The most important tip of all is to have fun! Break out some tunes, fire up the grill, and throw the best birthday party possible!