Wristbands for Nightclubs

Robert BrushMay 15, '20

Wristbands for Nightclubs

If you are an owner of a nightclub or bar, then access control and age verification are going to be top priorities. Yellow Over 21 Tyvek WristbandsEventWristbands.com is proud to offer the highest quality Tyvek and Plastic wristbands at the most affordable prices possible.

Our Over 21 wristbands and Drinking Age Verified Wristbands are perfect for verifying that patrons of your night club are of the legal drinking age. They are brightly colored so they are extremely easy to spot and they are non-transferable so there won't be any risk of underage drinking.

For VIP patrons, we offer a great variety of VIP Tyvek and VIP Holographic Plastic wristbands that will easily identify your most important guests. In the Tyvek style, there are seven different color options: Blue VIP, Green VIP, Yellow VIP, Gold VIP, Silver VIP, Red VIP and Orange VIP.VIP Silver Holographic Wristbands

For those extra special VIP's, our Gold VIP Holographic Wristbands and Silver VIP Holographic Wristbands are the VIP of all the VIP wristbands. They are made of durable plastic material and are one-size fits all with their one-time snap closure. Since they have a holographic background, these wristbands are sure to stand out amongst the rest with their super shiny sheen.

If you're looking for even more secure wristbands, we also offer custom wristbands which allow you to customize the bands with the nightclub's logo or event information.