Handheld Blacklight

Handheld Blacklight


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Handheld Blacklight

Many of our wristbands are flourescent, meaning that they show up brightly under a blacklight. Our 6" handheld blacklights can be used at the door to make sure that your customers' wristbands are authentic, and they can also be used to verify the authenticity of our printed tickets which can be purchased at www.tatickprinting.com!

Elevate door security with wristbands and tickets that feature black light ink and, of course, the black light that is necessary to reveal the print to determine whether or not it is authentic. Combined with our highly reliable wristbands for events, your next party will be almost impenetrable! This powerful blacklight fluorescence can also be used for hand stamps. Portable and lightweight, our handheld blacklights are only 6 inches long and easily fit in your pocket or around your hand, allowing you to whip it out when it's needed and easily tuck it away when it is now. Save yourself the hassle of a larger, chunkier blacklight and enjoy the pleasures of Event Wristbands' handheld blacklight that are built to last. When you place your order Monday through Friday before 2 o'clock EST, you can receive this handy gizmo the very next day.