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Holographic Plastic Wristbands

Sometimes an event calls for something a little more special than Tyvek wristbands or solid colors; if you want to differentiate your next party from your competition, then start at the door.

Our plastic holographic wristbands are ideal for events and venues looking to step up their style.

This eye-catching wristband option is great for making your VIPs look and feel like stars, or for giving your event an edgy and classy vibe. Available in 5 bright, shiny, and very noticeable colors or, in specifically printed VIP designs, holographic wristbands are the super-fancy alternative to our traditional Tyvek classic. Plastic wristbands are comfortable and simple to apply with a one-size-fits-all make and easy one-time-use snap. They are tear proof, stretch proof, and impossible to transfer without destroying, providing you with extra security.

If you want your next event to really stick out in your guests’ minds order some holographic plastic wristbands today.

Our super-fancy plastic wristbands with a hologram are sure to stand out and identify your guests.  These wristbands say "I'm a VIP"!

They're easy to use!
Simply wrap the wrist bracelet around the wrist of your guest and secure using the one-time use snap. One size fits all. Once in place, the wristband cannot be removed or transferred without noticeably damaging it.

  • Available in 7 different colors and styles.

Our holographic wristbands are perfect for any nightclub, casino, bar, party or festival looking for a high-end wristband for VIP's or just to generally control admission.