Party Wristbands

Party wristbands for as little as $0.04 each, shipped the same day. Order before 2pm!

Add style and prestige to any event with party wristbands for less.

Our party wristbands serve two purposes for your next event. First, they allow you to know exactly who does and who does not belong at your exclusive gathering, so you can quickly identify unexpected guests. Second, our durable, unique wrist bands add an air of style and prestige to any event. With bright colors, customized text, and your exclusive design they start conversations before, during, and after the experience. Your attendees will proudly display their wristband for all to see, and save them in their scrapbook or memory box.

And if you place your party wristband order before 2pm EST (11am PST), we’ll ship them out today. Guaranteed.

Protect your guests, and your wallet, with custom party wristbands.

If you’re serving alcohol, or if you need to make sure that everyone at your next party is above a certain age, protect your guests, your staff, and yourself, with party wristbands to identify attendees that have verified their age. Reduce confusion and wait at the bar and quickly resolve questionable situations.

No wristband, no drink. No questions. You and your staff can see wristbands from almost anywhere in the room, so you can handle situations before they become expensive problems. Bright colors and holographic bands work even in very low light situations.

Our party wristbands come in a variety of colors, designs, materials, and materials including vinyl, cloth, plastic, and Tyvek. Starting at just $0.03 per band, and guaranteed to ship today if you order before 2pm EST, we’ll make sure you have the bands you need for your upcoming event.