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green custom plastic wristband for events
500 *CUSTOM* Plastic Wristbands
$47.50 - $54.50
Custom Plastic Tear-Off Tab Wristbands
500 *CUSTOM* Plastic Tear-off Tab Wristbands

Custom-printed Plastic Tear-Off Tab Event Wristbands

$50.00 - $57.00
Custom Holographic Wristbands
500 *CUSTOM* Holographic Wristbands
$55.00 - $62.00

Quality Customized Plastic Wristbands

If you want to step up your presentation a little bit or give your guests something long lasting to keep on their wrist or in their scrapbook, then our plastic wristbands are right for you. These plastic wristbands, available in three varieties and a plethora of colors, are fully customizable. You can add your logo and/or text promoting your event. Made from strong plastics that will hold fast to a wrist as long as it is needed, your guests can wear this piece day after day if so desired.

Our removable tab wristbands would be a great addition to your next county fair, or beer or wine festival, giving your guests both a personal memento from your organization as well as removable tabs that they can cash in for whatever you are offering. Make sure your next event is memorable, secure, and runs smoothly by ordering custom plastic wristbands today.

** Please note that custom plastic wristband orders take approximately 7-10 to print after proof approval.

Customized Plastic wristbands for your event, venue, bar, club, amusement park or theme park.

For a small printing fee, you can add your own logo and/or text to any of our plastic wristbands.