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500 Green Vinyl Wristbands
500 Solid Green Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl Wristbands


Green Event Wristbands

We have a vast selection of green event wristbands in stock ready to ship. We have several different types of event bracelets (as they as sometimes called) available. Tyvek is a paper-like material and it won’t stretch or tear so the arm band can’t be transferred from one person to another. Plastic is a more durable material and is more often used for multi-day events or events with a higher priced ticket. If you’re selling tickets to your event for $100 each, we recommend giving the guest a plastic or vinyl wristband instead of a paper one. Cloth wristbands are the most luxurious type of wristband we carry. We’ve gathered all our green wristbands together on this page. Any of our wristbands can be custom printed wristbands for added security. We offer rush delivery and the lowest prices online for both our stock wristband designs and our customized wristbands.