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Plastic Wristbands for Events
5 Colors Available
Variety Pack Plastic Event Wristbands
Variety of 5 colors
Holographic Plastic Wristbands
6 Colors Available
$50.00 for 500 assorted color wristbands (5 different colors).
Variety of 5 colors
Customized Plastic Wristbands
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Tear-Off Tab Plastic Event Wristbands
Tear-Off Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands for Events

Our inexpensive 3/4" wide x 10" long, plastic arm bands are perfect for just about any event including concerts, parties, festivals, bars and nightclubs. (Plastic wristbands are often referred to as Vinyl wristbands)

Plastic Wristbands are Easy To Use!

Our plastic arm bands are very comformtable to wear for longer periods of time. They're highly secure and appeal to VIP ticket holders

  • Tear, stretch and water resistant
  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable to wear.

Simply wrap the plastic wristband around the wrist of your guest and secure the plastic one-time use snap. The wristband can only be used once, and cannot be transferred.