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Wristbands for Child Safety & Field Trips

Wristbands are an excellent way to keep track of large groups of children and students especially on field trips or at camp.  While these activities are meant to be fun and educational for the children, keeping track of the kids can be quite a challenge for teachers, chaperones, and camp counselors.  The key to keeping track of every child is staying organized.  Using wristbands from is an effective and economical way to do so.  When chaperones, teachers, or camp counselors wear the same wristbands as the children, it makes it easier for the kids to spot the adults in their group. And just as each chaperone or counselor may not recognize each and every child in the group, one can not expect every child to be familiar with each and every adult. Wristbands can bring a group together and help them to stay together. 

Whether your organization chooses simple Tyvek wristbands in a single bright color or it chooses customized wristbands that provide helpful contact information, our event wristbands are an effective and inexpensive safety precaution to help your group to stay organized and connected.