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Sporting Event Wristbands

Sporting events can utilize wristbands in a number of ways including attendee admission, staff verification, or restricted area access for the athletes. Regardless of how wristbands are used, they allow the staff to see if participants and patrons are where they are supposed to be.

Custom Wristbands

Make the bands unique to your event by customizing the wristbands with your team's name and logo. This ensures that patrons purchase wristbands for your event and your event only.  Customized wristbands can also serve as a mini-billboard promoting your event and your team for all to see. Sponsors can also have their logos imprinted on the wristbands, giving them a bit of extra advertisement on game day.

Color Coordination

Using different colored wristbands can help to differentiate categories of athletes, such as starters and reserves. Giving out different colored wristbands to the home team and visitor team can also help patrons know which side to sit on at the game. It's also just another fun way to encourage team spirit by utilizing the team colors in the wristbands.

If there will be any specialized admission bands for press passes or VIP areas, it helps to differentiate those patrons with a different colored-band than other patrons.

Admission Tracking

Since our wristbands are sequentially numbered within each set of 100-500 for non-custom, and sequentially numbered per order with custom, they are an easy way to keep track of admissions at a venue. Our custom plastic wristband with a detachable stub is also a great option to use if you are planning on doing any sort of raffle or giveaway at a game.