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When a standard, stock pre-printed wristband just isn’t enough, we offer custom wristbands that you can design yourself using our powerful customization tool. Whether you want to add your own logo, a cool star pattern, or event dates, you can do it with custom wristbands. They can be used for music festivals, conventions, office parties, go kart tracks, birthday parties, political campaigns, fundraisers, awareness campaigns, weddings, and more.



We've made the process of ordering custom wristbands online really easy. In 4 simple steps, you can browse available custom wristband styles, select a design, upload your artwork, place your order and wait for a proof. We offer rush production which means you could have your custom wristbands within 24 hours when you select Overnight Delivery as your shipping option.

The Process of Ordering Custom Wristbands

  1. Choose a wristband. Start by browsing our wide selection of wristband styles and designs including paper (Tyvek), plastic and cloth.
  2. Choose colors. Pick from bright, neon, and fluorescent colors.
  3. Upload your artwork. You can add text, logos, and images to customize your wrist band.
  4. Submit your order and wait for it to be delivered! 

Here at Event Wristbands, we carry custom wristbands in a variety of materials including Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, and cloth. Tyvek wristbands are our cheapest wristbands and we can ship them via same day shipping, even if you upload a custom logo. The common uses of our wristbands vary based on the material, but they all come in a wide selection of colors and can be customized with your own logo or design. Custom wristbands not only look better and more professional, but they also offer a higher level of security. Your attendees can purchase generic Tyvek wristbands overnight or in local stores, so if you have a high-demand event, be sure to order custom wristbands by uploading your logo or design.

Custom Wristband Dimensions


Custom Tyvek Wristbands

Our customers use custom Tyvek wristbands for everything from school field trips and summer camps to large festivals and attractions. Our wristbands are made with the highest quality Tyvek, so they're very durable wristbands while also being our most affordable wristbands. The durability of our Tyvek and the strength of our adhesive even allow you to use our wristbands for harsh environments such as water parks, swimming pools and trampoline parks. Order multiple colors to easily restrict access into VIP areas or design a custom VIP wristband for even more security. And if you're in a hurry, you can design custom Tyvek wristbands and still have them shipped the same day!

The two most common sizes are 3/4" Tyvek wristbands and 1" Tyvek wristbands. Both are typically purchased in multiples of 500 or 1000, but we also sell smaller quantities, including boxes of 100. If you only need a smaller quantity but would like to have a variety of colors, we also sell Variety Packs of Tyvek wristbands that include 100 in each of 5 different colors.

Custom Plastic Wristbands and Custom Vinyl Wristbands

Our Vinyl and Plastic wristbands are comfortable and simple to apply with a one-size-fits-all flexibility and secure one-time-use snap. They are tear proof, stretch proof, and impossible to transfer without destroying, providing you with extra security. The durability makes them ideal for multi-day events or applications such as summer camps & multi-day festivals. They're also the perfect wristbands for hotels & resorts where your guests can wear the wristband during their entire stay. You can also design Custom Plastic Wristbands with your logo or design for a more professional look and a higher level of security. For example, many festival organizers use Tyvek wristbands for their General Admission ticket holders but order Plastic VIP wristbands to give their VIPs a more impressive product and to easily restrict access into VIP areas.

All of our Vinyl & Plastic Wristbands are 3/4" wide. They're typically purchased in multiples of 500 or 1000, but we also sell smaller quantities, including boxes of 100. If you only need a smaller quantity but would like to have a variety of colors, we also sell Variety Packs of Plastic wristbands that include 100 in each of 5 different colors. We also carry a wide range of colors in our Translucent Vinyl Wristbands. This offers you many options to ensure you're able to vary the color you use for your events on a regular basis, rather than always using the same design.

Holographic Plastic Wristbands
Sometimes an event calls for something a little more special than Tyvek wristbands or solid color vinyl wristbands; if you want to differentiate your next party from your competition, then start at the door. OUR PLASTIC HOLOGRAPHIC WRISTBANDS ARE IDEAL FOR EVENTS AND VENUES LOOKING TO STEP UP THEIR STYLE. This eye-catching wristband design is great for making your VIPs look and feel like stars, or for giving your event an edgy and classy vibe. Available in 5 bright, shiny, and very noticeable colors or, in specifically printed VIP designs, holographic wristbands are the super-fancy alternative to our traditional Tyvek & Plastic Wristbands.

If you really want your next event to stick out in your guests’ minds, upgrade to holographic plastic wristbands today. Our eye-catching plastic wristbands with a hologram are sure to stand out and identify your guests. These wristbands say "I'm a VIP"!


Custom Cloth Wristbands

While our plastic and Tyvek wristbands are great for bars, clubs, and events with re-entry and attendance monitoring needs, multi-day events may require something a little more comfortable, sturdier, and longer-lasting.

Our fully customizable cloth wristbands are the perfect secure and counterfeit-proof solution for your festival attendance needs.

Large summer festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, Osheaga and Glastonbury have been using cloth wristbands for their admission’s solution for years, and now you can bring that same carefree spirit and panache to your event. Let's not forget, custom cloth wristbands are the perfect souvenir or memento for scrapbooks! Recent studies have shown attendees keep their wristbands on for extended periods of time. It's cool right!? "Look where I was! :)"

Offer your attendees the highest level of wristband security with a simple, one-time-use sliding plastic lock which will keep them secure and highly difficult to transfer.

They can be customized with any design, wording, or logo, and come in a large variety of thread options. Comfortable, and waterproof, woven cloth wristbands are becoming a must for any large multi-day event or festival, so show your guests that they're special with a little help from the ultimate resource for wristbands for events.

Our dye sublimation printed or embroidered, woven fabric wristbands are fully customizable. 

Each wristband comes with a self-locking plastic slide to prevent the transfer from one attendee to another. The locking slide has plastic teeth within that break if you try to remove it.

Fabric wristbands (or woven bands) are one of the most secure types of event arm bands in the industry as they are virtually impossible to transfer from one attendee to another. They are commonly used at:

  • Multi-day festivals
  • Sporting events for access to restricted areas
  • Backstage passes
  • All-access passes
  • Artist passes
  • VIP passes

The sliding plastic lock is easy to use, and there's no need to purchase expensive metal locks and crimping tools. Little 'teeth' inside the plastic lock prevent it from being removed.

Cloth wristbands have been used at European festivals like Glastonbury for years and they are starting to become popular in the US. Both Bonnaroo and Coachella use cloth wristbands.

Our woven fabric wristbands are 350mm long and 15mm wide.