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As a bar or nightclub owner, you may find it challenging to manage admission, control security, and verify age.  At EventWristbands.com, we've got wristbands that can help you overcome all of those challenges and even more.  Our event wristbands for bars & nightclubs include wristbands for access control.  Imagine segmenting your patrons between general admission and VIP access.  We've got wristbands for that.  Or, need to keep track of who is and isn't over the age of twenty-one (21)?  Our drinking age verified and 21+ wristbands are the perfect solution.  All of our wristbands are brightly colored and non-transferable to make it easy for you and your staff to visually verify that a patron has paid for admission and has had their ID verified!

Oh, and don't forget about our custom wristbands!  Custom Wristbands are the ideal way to make your brand standout.  Add a logo.  Add a slogan.  Customize any way that you see fit.

We stock a wide selection of wristbands for bars.  Primarily used for age verification, our wristbands are made from 3 different types of material: paper (Tyvek), plastic and cloth.
Buy Tyvek Wristbands Now
Our Tyvek paper wristbands are our biggest seller since they are the cheapest. Plastic wristbands are cloth wristbands are typically more often used for higher-priced ticketed events.
Our most popular wristbands for bars and clubs are:
• Over 21
• Branded wristbands (venue name or logo)
    Click on a link above to browse our selection and don't forget you can customize any of them for a small upcharge.