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Our high-quality Tyvek event wristbands have tamper-proof features like security cuts and sequential serial numbers. If you need to control admission at your event, concert, venue, show, festival or bar, consider our cheap Tyvek wrist bands. Once affixed to a patron, these disposable paper wristbands will tear if you deliberately try to remove or transfer them.

Whether you prefer our popular neon wristbands, Over 21 wristbands, VIP wristbands, or our custom wristbands, we have just what you're looking for!

Our Tyvek wristbands and bracelets come in more than 15 vibrant colors.  We also have more than 50 pre-printed designs, including VIP wristbands, holiday wristbands, over 21 wristbands, age-verified wristbands, medical wristbands, and trendy wristband favorites.  We also carry specialty Tyvek wristbands such as voucher wristbands with a tear-off stub  or detachable stub that is great for raffles, coat checks, and free giveaways.  And don't forget about our tab-free Tyvek wristbands, which help to reduce waste and eliminate the need to clean up discarded adhesive tabs.

What is Tyvek?

Tyvek material is a synthetic, woven, paper-like material that is less expensive than cloth or plastic but is still incredibly durable. It is light, breathable, and stands up to water, sweat, and other liquids. In short: it is a perfect material for making wristbands that last more than just a few hours, but won’t break your bottom line. Tyvek wristbands are often referred to as paper wristbands. You can pull, twist, sweat, spill drinks and food, and otherwise abuse Tyvek wristbands without harming them. But they come instantly off with a quick snip from a pair of scissors.

Who Should Use Tyvek Wristbands?

Because Tyvek wristbands are less expensive than cloth and plastic, yet durable enough to withstand the hottest nightclub or the coldest winter festival, the number of uses cannot be counted. Our regular customers vary widely, but include: 

Are There Other Benefits to Tyvek Wristbands?

In addition to being less expensive than other materials, water resistance, tear- and stretch-proof, and non-transferable Tyvek wristbands have the following benefits.durable and waterproof

They Fit Almost Anyone

Because Tyvek wristbands from are 10 inches long and use adhesive spots to close the loop, they are sure to fit almost anyone, from school kids to the most active adults.

They’re Customizable

Although we have a huge number of wristband styles and colors to meet your needs, you can create completely customized wristbands with:
  • Custom Text including event and artist names, or any other vital information.
  • Black and white or two color images like your logo or brand name.

green, white, and blue vip tyvek wristbands with tear off tabs

You Can Write on Them

green custom tyvek wristbands you can write on
Cloth and plastic bands can be impossible to write on. And, when you finish writing, whatever you wrote may quickly smudge or run. Tyvek wristbands, by contrast, are quick and easy to write on with any permanent ink pen or marker. And the writing stays where you put it!

Are Tyvek Wristbands Secure?

Because Tyvek is tamper, twist, and tear-proof, and cannot be transferred from person to person, you know that the person wearing the wristband purchased that wristband. In addition, every wristband from has a unique serial number. These numbers are sequentially ordered, so you know exactly which wristbands came with which order. This makes spotting forgeries and old wristbands worn by gatecrashers quick and easy.

How Do You Pick the Perfect Tyvek Wristband?

Tyvek wristbands come in two widths:

  • 3/4’’ – Our most popular wristbands, these come in hundreds of styles and colors, with prices as low as $10.99 for 500.
  • 1’’ – Made to the same exacting standards, we have 6 colors and styles to choose from. Our litter-free, tabless wristbands come only in 1’’ widths.

Pick & Customize Your Design

Select a standard design from our collection, including checkers, stars, sports, “VIP,” “Over 21,” and many, many more!

Once you have the design you desire, you can customize your Tyvek wristband with almost any black and white text you want, including your organization name, event details, and more.

Pick Your Color

Each of our designs can be printed in a huge number of colors, so you get the band you want every time. Bear in mind, though, that our neon colors will glow under UV and blacklights, making them easier to see and verify in clubs, concerts, or other nighttime applications. We currently sell neon in the following colors:

   - Pink
   - Yellow
   - Orange
   - Green

Order Your Tyvek Wristbands Today!

We offer next day delivery on many products and offer FREE Ground shipping on any Tyvek wristband orders over $49.95.