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Wristbands for Fundraising

Ensure your fundraiser is a success with fundraising wristbands from!

Fundraisers are all about raising money for good causes.  In an ideal world, we expect for good people to attend fundraising events.  However, not everyone is a good person.  In fact, great fundraising events often tempt some people to try to avoid cover charges and ticket prices the same way they do at other concerts or events.  Unfortunately, every attendee that does not pay leads to fewer funds raised for the fundraising organization. can help!  Join the many fundraising organizations around the country that use our wristbands as the preferred form of ticketed entry to their events. Once our wristbands are affixed to a patron, they are secure.  Any attempt to remove or transfer them is easily recognizable due to their one-time use security features.  The security cuts on our Tyvek wristbands (they tear when tampered with) and the one-time snap of our plastic wristbands guarantee that they cannot be transferred to another person.  Use our wristbands to identify paying patrons and VIPs. Your patrons will never lose proof of their ticket, and your staff can easily manage admission to your event.

And don't forget our custom print wristbands - one size fits all and easy to use.  Just like our stock wristbands - waterproof, stretch proof, and tear proof!