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Wristbands for Hotels & Resorts

Wristbands are a great and inexpensive way to control access to all-inclusive hotels or resorts.  These types of hotels and resorts have become extremely popular because they offer an all-inclusive experience for people looking for easy ways to vacation.  The ideal all-inclusive property will offer a host of amenities and entertainment options.  For the resort, identifying guests could be time-consuming unless they are using resort wristbands from  Our resort wristbands and our hotel wristbands make it easy for resort staff to improve security, verify guests, and boost branding.  Our wristbands are easy to spot, comfortable to wear, and extremely durable.  

Our Tyvek wristbands are made of waterproof Tyvek material from Dupont.  They are affixed to a person’s wrist using a waterproof adhesive that will stay in place even if a guest decides to go for a swim.   And don’t forget, our Custom Tyvek wristbands can be customized with a hotel's logo, specific text, and branding.

Our plastic wristbands are even more durable and are the ideal selection for multi-day use. They have a one-time snapping mechanism that makes them 100% non-transferable.  Once affixed, guests will be unable to give their wristbands away to non-paying gate crashers.  As with our Tyvek wristbands, you can also create Custom Plastic Wristbands.  Add your company logo and branding for additional security.