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Custom Plastic Event Wristbands

Our custom plastic wristbands are the perfect option when you need an event wristband that is both comfortable and durable enough for multi-day use. Great for weekend-long festivals and multi-day events, our plastic wristbands have got you covered. Just like all of our plastic wristbands, our custom plastic wristbands feature one-time use closures and are made from a high-security polyethylene.
Our custom wristbands allow you to add your own corporate logo, important event details, or can serve as advertising space.  Simply upload your own images and add your own text using our easy-to-use wristband customization tool.  Personalized, promotional, custom wristbands are a great way to not only keep your event secure with a design that is unique to your event but showcase your event sponsors too.
Our Vinyl and Plastic wristbands are comfortable and simple to apply with a one-size-fits-all flexibility and secure one-time-use snap. They are tear proof, stretch proof, and impossible to transfer without destroying, providing you with extra security. You can also design Custom Plastic Wristbands with your logo or design for a more professional look and a higher level of security.