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Our vinyl wristbands have a one-time use plastic snap to prevent transfer from one patron to another. 

11" long and 3/4" wide, these wristbands have pre-cut holes that ensure one size comfortably fits all.  Additionally, bright colors make them easy to identify.  These event wristbands are stretch-proof and water-proof which makes them perfect for multi-day events, and for events with in & out privileges.


Need Custom Vinyl Wristbands? How Many?

All of our Vinyl Wristbands are 3/4" wide. They're typically purchased in multiples of 500 or 1000, but we also sell smaller quantities, including boxes of 100. We also carry a wide range of colors in our Translucent Vinyl Wristbands. This offers you many options to ensure you're able to vary the color you use for your events on a regular basis, rather than always using the same design.

Customization Isn’t Limited Like the Others…

With Event Wristbands, we take huge pride in the amount of customization options we can offer in our custom vinyl wristbands - it’s so many options you’ll have a hard time finding any others to compare.

Quality In Our Custom Vinyl Wristbands

Even if you order bulk custom vinyl wristbands you shouldn’t have to suffer at poor quality. Event Wristbands is serious about our dedication to quality products. You can find comfort ordering quality custom vinyl wristbands from us! 

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