Fundraiser Wristbands

Wristbands for fundraisers offer security and crowd control

fundraising wristbandAs with any other concert or event, crowd control, event admission and VIP special access are important for successful fundraising events. offers a wide assortment of custom wristbands perfect for virtually any kind of fundraising occasion.

Some of the most popular fundraising wristbands are our single day use Tyvek adhesive wristbands. We also offer plastic snap, litter free and cloth wristbands.

You can create custom wristbands for fundraisers with your own images, logos and text. For our plastic, Tyvek and litter free wristbands there's a one-time set up fee and our turnaround time is only a few days.

Our cloth wristbands are highly secure and fully customizable and take about three weeks to produce.

Why not ensure your fundraiser is as successful as it can be with fundraising wristbands?

custom wristband for fundraisingFundraisers are all about good causes, but unfortunately the temptation for some patrons to avoid ticket or cover charges is a great as with any other concert or event. Every unpaying patron means lost fundraising dollars.

Join the many fundraising organizations around the nation that are using our wristbands for fundraising as the preferred form of ticketed entry to their events. Our wristbands easily adhere in a secure manner to identify paying patrons and VIPs. Your patrons never lose proof of their ticket, and your staff can easily manage admission to your event.

custom print wristbandOur custom print wristbands are one size fits all and easy to use. They are waterproof, tear proof, and stretch proof.

The security cuts feature on our Tyvek wristbands (they tear when tampered with) and the one time snap on our plastic wristband guarantee that they cannot be transferred to another person.