Drinking Age Verified/Over 21 Wristbands

Over 21 wristbands are perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants or even simply a concert. Over 21 wristbands are perfect for anyone looking to restrict access or entry to anyone under the age of 21. Many of our customers tell us about increased sales and performance simply from the ease of use that these wristbands provide. Did we mention that most of these wristbands can be fully customized to your unique needs? Our 21+ wristbands are perfect for bars (or places where people may get a little careless) - they’re made with Tyvek materials making them paper-like and nearly indestructible, yet, they remain comfortable beyond belief. Shop our collection of over 21 wristbands below!

Drinking Age Verified, Over 21 Wristbands that are cheap and reliable.

  • Reliable – Drinking age verified wristbands take the guesswork out of age verification at the bar. Our wristbands are stretch proof and non-transferrable which means if you require your guest to show a wristband to prove they’re eligible to drink, they won’t be able to remove their wristband and pass it along to a non-drinking eligible friend. They’re brightly colored and easily distinguishable with large text that reads AGE VERIFIED, OVER 21 and also Drinking Age Verified. And all our Tyvek wristbands come sequentially numbered within a box.
  • Customizable -  Find what wristbands best suit your needs and choose between our color selection, including neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink and fluorescent bands that glow under a black light. If you’re hesitant to order wristbands believing that these can be purchased elsewhere (our UV ink Verified, Drinking Age Verified and Age Verified wristbands are our own unique design) you can always have them customized with your own logo or text in order to ensure a completely unique and one of a kind design specific only to your event or venue. And if you want to clearly label designated drivers, you can have them customized to read that, too!
  • Valuable - Safe drinking at your event won’t bust your bottom line. Starting at $5.00 for 100 and $12.99 for a box of 500 wristbands, these wristbands are super affordable. Club, restaurant and bar owners are sure to be familiar with the possible cost associated with serving alcoholic beverages to underage drinkers, and by spending a potential of only $12.99 in order to keep your bartenders and servers aware of who they’re serving is a great way to avoid any lofty lawsuit expenses.

View our wide selection of Drinking Age Verified and 21 and up wristbands!

How can Drinking Age Verified and 21 and up wristbands make your clubs or events more secure?

Around 13 million youths consume about 14.5% of alcohol sold in the US every year. Of those, around 50,000 will cause traffic accidents. While ineffective wristbands do not equate to underage drinking, reliable wristbands add another level of protection for you and your customers. Strong wristband practices make it far less likely that underage drinkers will be able to sneak by your staff, or attempt to drive home while drunk.

Because we know how hard it is to secure your venue against underage drinkers, all of our wristbands are made from durable plastic and Tyvek, printed with bright colors, and feature crisp text and images. Because our wristbands are customizable, you can order a variety of colors and designs, so your staff knows quickly who deserves a drink, and who does not.