ID Wristbands

Ensure age verification and security for your bar, club or venue with id wristbands

ID WristbandsLooking to create opportunities for increased revenue from cover charges or ticket sales, as well as from food and non-alcoholic beverage sales? More and more bars and clubs are opening their doors to the 18-and-older patrons. Including the 18-and-older crowd comes with potential business benefits but makes age verification all the more important. While it is not uncommon for establishments to use permanent markers or stamps to mark patrons' hands, these methods are far from fool-proof or secure as the marks can be either scrubbed off or counterfeited. Bar wristbands are a safer alternative.

Our id wristbands are available in different bright, easy to identify colors.

They are waterproof, tear proof and stretch proof.

Because you can’t afford to fail with age verification

Bar wristbandsMore and more bars and clubs are turning to the use of wristbands for age verification. Checking your patrons' identification at the door and then giving wristbands to those of drinking age saves time. In addition this method is the most secure and guarantees shorter wait times for orders. For tighter security you can use different colored wristbands and cycle the colors so patrons cannot predict which wristband will be used on any given night.

Age verified wristbandsIf you are required to ID patrons for legal drinking age at your event, bar, club or venue, our plastic or drinking age verified Tyvek wristbands are great solutions.

Each plastic wristband has a one-time use snap and our Tyvek wristbands feature security cuts (they tear when tampered with), so it's virtually impossible to transfer the wristband to another guest, or an underage patron.

Place your order for age verified wristbands or bar wristbands before 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, and your shipment will go out the same day.