PERSONALIZED WRISTBANDS FOR EVENTS provides personalized wristbands for events.

Durable - Our wristbands are made of Plastic and Tyvek, meaning that they are comfortable, water-proof, tear-proof, stretch-proof and non-transferrable so you know the person wearing your wristband is the person who bought it.

Multiple Colors-  Find what wristbands best suit your needs and choose between our color selection, including bright red, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink, light blue, gold, silver, orange checker, black and white.

Simple – Simply place your order online and then follow the instructions sent to you in a confirmation email to submit the image and or/ text for your event.

Check out our selection of Custom Tyvek Wristbands!

How personalized wristbands for events can help improve your event experience:

variety of colors available for cloth wristband customization These personalized wristbands will help to make your next event fun and memorable without breaking the bank. Whether you choose plastic, Tyvek or cloth, custom wristbands from look great while keeping your event secure, and can be kept as souvenirs to commemorate the event.
black plastic custom wristband
Enhancing the legitimacy of your event with these wristbands at a low price makes financial and business sense. Great looking, personalized wristbands add an air of prestige to any happening. Your personalized wristbands make guests feel like they are part of an exclusive group, generating buzz and excitement. And guests may even keep them to commemorate how much fun your event was!

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