VIP Wristbands

VIP Wristbands Add Prestige to Any Live Event

Add excitement to your next event with VIP wristbands!

silver vip holographic wristbandLooking to add some prestige to your next event, or for a way to make special attendees and big spenders feel a little more special? Our VIP wristbands set your special guests apart from the crowd. With large “VIP” lettering, bright colors, and available holographic wristbands everyone will know exactly who the most important people are, no matter where they are in the room. Plus, these unique identifiers let you and your staff know exactly how to treat your exclusive guests and “very important” people, without any guess work or additional proof. Their special band is their pass into the special sections of the party. VIP wristbands are sure to inspire gossip and conversation during and after your event.

If you place your order before 2pm EST, we’ll ship them today. We have a huge variety of colors, designs, and other materials available, so your VIP wristband is completely customized to your event. 

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Pamper important guests with VIP wristbands.

To your most important guests, there’s nothing more annoying than waiting to get in to the party, or to the back room with all the other movers, shakers, and special attention you’re providing. Why make them wait to receive the luxuries amenities you’ve prepared? Improve their experience with VIP wristbands that identify notable attendees so they can get through the line and where they want to be.

For a little extra flair at your party or event, be sure to browse through our complete collection of vinyl, Tyvek, and woven bands before making your final decision. They’re all in stock and ready to ship today, if you order before 2pm EST (11am PST).