Wristbands for Clubs

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yellow tyvek wristbandProtect your guests, your staff, yourself, and your wallet with customized nightclub wristbands that look better and cost less than the competition. We provide a huge range of options, from durable, woven wristbands that last long after the event, to brightly-colored drinking age verified bands that let your staff quickly identify who has, and who has not, verified that they are of legal drinking age. Reduce wait and hassle at the bar, and avoid potential legal problems with nightclub wristbands that are easy to see, even in low light situations.

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bright orange tyvek wristbandStamps, markers, and stickers all fade and fall away, or can be transferred from person to person, putting the integrity of your guests, staff, and event in danger. Make sure you know exactly who belongs in your nightclub, and who is allowed to drink, with nightclub wristbands that can be seen even in the foggiest, most hectic environments. You and your staff can identify crashers and other unintended guests even from across the room.

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