CLEARANCE Custom Printed Tickets

CLEARANCE Custom Printed Tickets


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Custom Printed Discounted Tickets

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These ticket designs have had a good run. They've been around for a long time AND a good time. These are the same secure tickets we offer in other styles, including the foil stamp, disclaimer, and UV text on the back of the ticket - offered at a discounted price. As these are limited, once they are gone, they're gone!


  • Tickets are 5.5 inches wide x 2 inches high
  • There is one perforation
  • All tickets sequentially numbered
  • Hidden ink is only visible under a UV light
  • Hidden ink is only visible when rubbed with a coin
  • Foil stamp or hologram
  • Pre-printed disclaimer on the rear - Preview

All tickets feature these security elements:

  • Tamper Proof Design
  • Serial Numbers
  • Hidden UV/Black Light Ink
  • Coin Rub Ink
  • Bar Code Security (optional)
  • Hologram or Foil Stamps
  • Sequential Numbering

Remember to double-check:

  • Spelling and grammar on all ticket fields
  • Date, time and price of your event

The final product will appear exactly as you see it here. is in no way responsible for any spelling or grammatical errors and will not make ANY changes to the ticket.

We're the only US company that can ship your custom tickets the same day.

Remember to place your order before 12 NOON ET to qualify for same day shipping or pick up!