Medical Triage  Wristbands

Medical Triage Wristbands


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Medical Triage  Pre-Printed 3/4" Tyvek Wristbands

Our 3/4" wide x 10" long Tyvek Wristbands are perfect for managing your patient screening or triage process.  They have tamper-proof features like security cuts and sequential numbering. If you need to control who has and has not been screened in short-term care facility, these paper wristbands are an efficient and inexpensive way to do so. 

Easy to use
Wristband bracelets take only seconds to place on your patients. Wrap the wristband around the wrist of your patient, remove the tab to expose the adhesive closure and secure.  Also, Tyvek wristbands are easy to write on with any permanent ink pen or marker. And the writing stays where you put it!  Use our design to quickly select both month and day.

Two Different Pre-Printed Designs

  • Pre-Screened
  • Screened

We have several solid colors available including multiple shades of neon.

Product Details

  • Comfortable
  • Bright colors, easy to identify
  • Water-Resistant
  • Tear-proof
  • Stretch-proof
  • Non-transferable
  • Easily select both month & day

Sold in packs of 500 or 1000. 

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