7 Tips for Rookie Event Planners

Welcome to the wonderful world of event planning. We’re reaching deep into our hat of tricks to share with you our most important tips to get things right the first time!


1) Expect the Unexpected: No matter how much you plan and work to avoid missteps, they are going to inevitably happen. Whether you forget the guest list or the caterer arrives at the wrong location for delivery, it is inevitable that something is going to go wrong. That’s why it’s crucial that you’re prepared for such incidents so you can keep a cool head and solve any problems as they come.


2) Attend Learning Events: Find events that are similar to yours and attend them well in advance before your event. Pay close attention and take notes on what the event does well and where there is area for improvement. This is a great way to prepare yourself for things you might not have yet anticipated, like weather.


3) Dress Up: While your event may be casual, you should still dress professionally. It sends a message to your attendees or clients  that you take your event and your business seriously.


4) Take Lots of Pictures: Photos are a great way to recap your event to your higher ups that might not have been able to attend. Photos are also a great way to show off your work in the future to potential employers or clients. If you have the budget, it’s generally worth hiring a professional photographer to get the job done.


5) Invest in Wristbands: Wristbands are great for nearly every type of event. They’re great for keeping your event secure and organized. Additionally, wristbands are a great keepsake for attendees, it keeps the event top of mind as long as they’re wearing it and they’re great for scrapbooking. And if you order through us, they can be very affordable as well.


6) A Back-Up Supply Kit is a Must: You need to spend quite a bit of time working through the list of little things you’ll need throughout the day of event day. Make a checklist of things you’ll need in the weeks prior to the event, don’t just make it the night before- you will inevitably forget something if you wait until the last minute.


7) Utilize Social Media: Pinterest is great for developing ideas that relate to your theme or event type. Pinterest is also chock-full of event planning tips like these. Depending on what type of event your planning, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram should be part of your marketing plan. You might not need all 3 social networks but use what makes sense. You can utilize these networks as tools to send out invites, promote and live post from your event.