Customized Wristbands Are Perfect For Field Trips!


You may not be a school teacher or a camp counselor, but chances are you’ve been on a field trip, either as a chaperone or as an attendee. Field trips are meant to be fun and educational, but for teachers and chaperones, it’s not always easy to stay organized and keep count of every child. There are many different strategies and tools to use in order to stay organized, but a unique and inexpensive way to get the job done is the use of wristbands.

Wristbands are an excellent way to keep track of a large group of children and/or students. Not only do they come in a variety of bright colors making them easy to spot in a crowd, but their material cannot be easily torn or pulled off.  Whether you are on a budget, or you are looking for the most outlandish, glitzy wristband there is, EventWristbands can help your situation.

Custom wristbands are ideal to use on field trips because you can put your contact information and/or the child’s contact information on the wristband. For example, wristbands used on field trips could provide the teacher’s name, the student’s name, the school or camp’s address and a contact number. If a student gets lost or falls behind from the group, the wristband will make it easy for someone to track down the child or student’s supervisor. Customized wristbands are also useful for chaperones or supervisors who are not familiar will all of the children/students in their assigned group. Wristbands that provide information like the child/student’s name help the chaperone put a name to a face. On the other hand, when chaperones and supervisors wear the same wristbands as the children, it makes it easier for the kids to spot the adults in their group. Just as chaperones may not recognize every child, every child may not be familiar with every chaperone or supervisor. Wristbands bring a group together and help them to stay together.

Whether you choose simple Tyvek wristbands in one bright color to distinguish your children/students from others, or you choose customized wristbands that provide helpful contact information, wristbands are an inexpensive and effective safety precaution, as well as, a great organizational tool for field trips.