Event Wristbands Are Last Night's Memorabilia

Event Wristbands Are Last Night's Memorabilia

Event Wristbands Are Last Night's Memorabilia 


gold vip holographic plastic wristband, blue koozie, and packet of ketchup with some pocket change in the background .   

How many mornings have you woken up to a nightstand littered with keepsakes from last night's event?

You start by perusing the miscellaneous junk and discover an array of items: a broken pair of fake neon Ray Ban sunglasses, a lopsided Frisbee from a promo booth, and a receipt for a $37.00 purchase at Krystal Burger...

Generally this is the point in the morning where you become painfully aware that you have nothing to show for attending last night's event! Luckily for you, there is one more random memento you discover from the night before... your event wristband!

The wristband reminds you of the reason you went out last night in the first place, the EVENT! Whether you went to see your favorite band perform, a wine festival, or a terrific charity event, you have the wristband to remind you of the great time you had.

The sunglasses are going to need tape, the Frisbee won't fly straight, and you will be reminded about the fast food receipt on the scale. However, your event wristband is the alternative memorabilia...

holographic wristband with phone number written on back

It doesn't matter if you ripped your plastic wristband off in order to write down a phone number or spilt your drink all over your tyvek, it has character and is the perfect memorabilia from last night's event! Pin it on a cork board or keep it with your CD collection. Whatever you decide to do with your wristband, it will always be a reminder of how much you enjoyed the event.