EventWristbands Can Help You Organize Your Multi-Day Convention!

The multi-day comic conventions are a huge hit and they draw crowds from all over the world! Some of these dedicated fans journey for days just to sit in on conferences with their favorite characters and celebrities!

Some attendees are in it for the long run, others are just stopping by for the day, while some have shelled out that VIP cash for the deluxe experience. As a multi-day convention organizer you must be able to keep things organized and under control. This is where EventWristbands comes in. EventWristbands offers wristbands in a plethora of different colors and designs. On top of that you can completely customize your choices! Attendees can be clearly marked according to their chosen festival experience. One band could read "3-Day Pass," another "Saturday Pass" and yet another "VIP." Using different colors for each adds yet another layer of organization, allowing you to easily distinguish between attendees from a distance.

It's not just the fans who need to be corralled though! Your convention likely hosts speakers, panelists, special guests, journalists and vendors that you need to confidently and quickly identify. Again, EventWristbands has you covered. Assign each type of guest a different color and label the bands in your notes. That way the blue "Media" bands look different than the red "Panelist" or yellow "Vendor" ones.  You can also have these wristbands customized with their designated ticket type printed on them: Media, Panelist, Vendor, etc. 

Finally, remember that although your convention means lots of work and organization for you, some attendees and guests have been looking forward to your event all year! The icing on the cake is that wristbands make an easy, inexpensive keepsake. Through EventWristbands you can completely customize these keepsakes! Slap your convention's website, Twitter handle, or hashtag on a durable wristband and boom- your guest has a direct link to all of your announcements. Get creative! Attendees usually keep these festive wristbands, and an attractive physical memory of your event encourages their return.

Stop worrying about how you'll organize the patrons at your multi-day convention and let EventWristbands do the heavy lifting! Multiple colors, materials, and total customization means less work for you and an attractive keepsake for the fans!