Get More Bang for Your Buck with Cloth Wristbands

Get More Bang for Your Buck with Cloth Wristbands


Cloth wristbands have been gaining popularity over the past couple years thanks to the rise in multi-day music festival attendance. This is because cloth wristbands are great for multi-day events because they’re comfortable, hard to lose and super sturdy.

Cloth wristbands feature a handy, sliding plastic piece that locks into place so wristbands can’t easily be slipped on and off, giving your event the highest level of security. This feature also makes it so that the wristband will fit wrists of all sizes.

These cloth beauties are also super customizable. Any design, wording or logo can be added to fit your event.

One of the best features about these cloth wristbands is that they last. People love to wear these wristbands like a badge of honor to brag; broadcasting where they’ve been. Some people will wear these wristbands for months after the event, thus spreading the word about your annual event months after it has ended. While you might pay for more upfront, you get your money’s worth in the advertising after the fact.