Ghost Tour Wristbands

Ghost Tour Wristbands

Ghost Tour & Halloween Wristbands

2011, May, Philadelphia

2011, May, Philadelphia © 2011 xxeliz, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

Living in the South, ghost tours are a pretty common occurence. Since we at Event Wristbands are local to Atlanta, our company is all too familiar with the traditional ghost tours and haunted houses in the area.

Ghost tours can be a fun and thrilling experience, and a great way to get some "history" about the area you are visiting or even live in.

To help keep track of a ghost tour group, give wristbands to each member of the group before the tour. This will also help to ensure that outsiders from trying to sneak into the group while the tour is going on. Use custom Tyvek or Plastic wristbands that are customized with the ghost tour's logo for even more added security. Plus, a custom wristband will make for great memorabilia when the tour is over!

We have many stock wristband options to choose from that will work great for a ghost tour. Our Neon Green, Neon Yellow, and Neon Orange Tyvek Wristbands will make a ghost tour or haunted house extra spooky since they glow under a fluorescent black light! If you want a fun design instead of a solid color, neon colored ZigZag Tyvek Wristbands will add a bit of edge to the normal Tyvek Wristband.


If you're visiting or live in the Atlanta or surrounding area, be sure to visit some of our favorite ghost tours and haunted mansions: