How to use Wristbands for Movie Theaters & Film Festivals and Maximize Profits

Maximize Concession Profits
Let's face it, no one enjoys waiting in line.  Time after time we see patrons standing in long lines at movie theaters waiting to catch an opening night screening or waiting to get into the latest film festival.  Customers grow impatient and venues feel the need to apologize. It's a vicious cycle that's not only annoying, but also harmful to your business.  However, there is a simple solution, when patrons arrive at your movie theater, check them in right away and place a Tyvek wristband on them.  The wristbands will identify that the patrons are there to see a particular film and then these guests can head over to the concession stand, play video games, run to the restroom all before the previews start.  Their seat is secure, so now they can have fun and spend money on popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and more.  
Identify Festival Attendees
Large movie theaters often host festivals while other regular screenings are going on.  A quick way to identify festival patrons is by giving them a unique wristband that quickly identifies their status.  Since these patrons are dedicated cinephiles, your theater may want to host a concessions line purely assigned to these special festival attendees.  It will make them feel VIP and expedite their time spent outside of the screenings.  We know that fesitval attendees will sometimes skip the treats because they don't want to miss a second of the film.  Reassure them that their line will be quick and speedy! 
Identify the 21+ Crowd
We love that more and more theaters are serving some of our favorite adult beverages.  There's nothing like sipping on a cold beer, while you're enjoying your favorite new action flick.  Make it easy for your bartenders and concession reps to identify these Over 21 patrons. Give these guests an Over 21 or Age Verified wristband that will identify their legal drinking age and keep them from having to show identification every time they reorder. Again, it will expedite the time spent away from the film and keep your patrons happy!
Wristbands can be Customized and Branded
Do you have a new product at the concession stand or would you like to promote an upcoming film? Use your wristbands to advertise! From social media content to upcoming events, use the space to convey a simple message. You could even sell the space to advertisers. Custom wristbands are extremely affordable. Don't waste the space. Your theater has a captive audience!