Marketing and Event Promotion Tips for Fall Festivals!

Fall means carnivals, football, beer festivals, food festivals, chili cook-offs, Halloween parties, ghost tours, tons of concerts, and nice cool weather.  Every weekend will be packed with something fun to do and that creates a challenge for event promoters, planners, and venue managers. How do you get people to choose your event over another?

We understand that budgets are often limited so you have to get creative, be savvy on social media, and literally get out in the community. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when promoting and marketing your next event:

1. If you’re selling tickets to your event allow (or the event) at least a month to build the buzz and promote the event before the actual date.  With kids in school, families are more limited on time.  They plan activities in advance, so you’ll want to be on their radar early on.

2. Get Social! While you may know the best way to reach your potential audience, social media can help spread the word.  Twitter and Facebook are easy places to start.  Post daily content about your event.  Mention the bands, tease followers with photos of food, share tips from local brewers, and more.  Just keep the content frequently flowing.   If you have more time, look into posting content on Instagram, Google+, and your blog.  Make it easy for potential patrons to find information. 

3. Offer quick promotions.  Use promo codes for a short time period or offer 2 For 1 deals to certain groups.  This gives you an opportunity to promote something new and continue the content! Limit the run of the promotion, so that customers will have to act fast or they’ll miss out on the deal. 

4. Consider guerilla marketing.  Get out in the community and pass out flyers to your event.  Network with groups that may have an interest in your event.  Ask them for feedback and encourage them to attend. 

5. Send email newsletters leading up to the event.  Mention the on sale date, special promotions, key things to remember, and more.  Partner with other promoters.  Ask them to send an email about your event and later on you will send an email for their future event. 

6. Look at buying ads in local papers or magazines.  Sometimes they run sales that may fit your budget.

7. Post your event on local community news sites like The Patch

8. Create a Press Release about your event and submit it to all local media outlets.  Sometimes all it takes is one interested reporter and you’re event could receive free press.  

9. Team up with local businesses and get them to help you spread the word.  Many business owners will help promote if there is an incentive like free tickets or a booth at your event. 

10. Reach out to event sponsors for ideas and unique angles.  They usually have great connections with media and influencers. 

11. Invite local media/local bloggers to attend your event for free.  Some of them will start plugging your event right away. 

From wristbands to custom printed tickets, marketing inquiries and more, we’re here for all of your event needs! 

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