Social Distancing Floor Decals and Signs

Social Distancing Floor Decals and Signs

Robert BrushJun 22, '20

Social Distancing Floor Decals

If your event or place of business has lines that frequently back up,’s Social Distancing Floor Decals are perfect for you! Place these decals on the ground six feet apart. Our Social Distancing Decals are available for use with hard surfaces such as tile and also for carpet. Be sure to order the right one. 

Social Distancing Signs 

If slowing moving lines are not an issue, but you want to ensure that guests are aware of your social distancing expectations, also has stick-on signage. Our Social Distancing 6 Feet Sign helps to ensure that guests stay six feet apart, and our Mask Required To Enter Sign promotes the use of PPE to your customers or event attendees. No matter what product you choose to assist with the new social distancing guidelines, we at hope that you and your associates/staff stay safe and healthy!