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Which Type of Wristband is Best For Your Event?

Best Type of Wristband for Your Event!

Wristbands are an excellent way to help keep your event or party more secure and organized, but with all the different options, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best for your specific event.

Well, not to worry, we're here to help! Below are some suggestions for which type of wristband to use for different types of events.

Kid's Birthday Party

  • Tyvek Wristbands are probably the best option to go with for a kid's birthday party. They are perfect for one-time use, and are even waterproof so they can be worn at a pool or a waterpark. The Tyvek material is extremely comfortable and can be made to fit even the smallest wrists.
  • Try using one of our fun designs like our Happy Face Wristbands or ZigZag Wristbands that come in multiple colors!

Graduation Party

  • School colors! Keep up the spirit of your school pride by using wristbands that are the same color as the school's!
  • If you want to differentiate between students, professors and parents, try using different styles of wristbands to easily designate each person. For example, if one of your school's colors is blue, try using three different blue colored wristbands:

Blue ZigZag Tyvek Wristbands   Blue Tyvek WristbandsBlue Checker Tyvek Wristbands


  • Whether it's a food, wine, beer or music festival (or an awesome combination of all those things), wristbands are a definite necessity!
  • All of our wristbands are appropriate for multi-day events, but Plastic wristbands are better, and Cloth Wristbands are the best.
  • Customize the wristbands to create a more secure band and so that your festival-goers will have an Cloth Wristbandsawesome piece of memorabilia of your event! Please note that custom wristbands do take longer to get to you, and the turn-around time varies depending on which style of wristband you are ordering.
    • Custom Tyvek Wristbands take about 1-2 weeks turn-around time, depending on where your located or if you upgrade your shipping.
    • Custom Plastic Wristbands take about 11/2 - 3 weeks production time depending on factors like upgraded production and shipping as well.
    • Cloth Wristbands must be customized and take about a month turn-around time. They are fully customizable and can last for years to come! These are the most popular option for big festivals all over the world.


  • Since concerts are typically a one day affair, Tyvek wristbands will usually suffice for this type of event.
  • For all ages or 18+ shows, it is usually a good idea to utilize Over 21 or Drinking Age Verified Wristbands to ensure that there will be no underage drinking.
  • Make your VIP and complimentary guests feel extra special by using VIP Tyvek Wristbands or even our Holographic Plastic Wristbands!