plastic vs tyvek wristbands

Should you Choose Tyvek or Plastic Wristbands?

plastic vs tyvek wristbands

Here at we pride ourselves providing the best wristbands in a variety of options. We’ve got hundreds of different types, designs and colors. With so many options, how do know which wristband is right for your event?


Two of our most popular products are Tyvek and plastic wristbands so today we’ll be discussing the differences between the two. Financially speaking, Tyvek is the more economical choice. A box of 500 will run somewhere around $12.99, depending of design and other factors. The plastic wristbands will run you a little more at approximately $35 per box of 500.


While plastic wristbands are more expensive, they also offer a couple different features that the Tyvek wristbands don’t provide. For example, Tyvek is perfect for one day or shorter events, while plastic are a little more durable so they’re better for multi-day events. Plastic is also better for events with entry and re-entry privileges.


Both Tyvek and plastic wristbands can be customized with a logo, image or text of your choice. Both are sold in packs on 100 or 500. Additionally when you order an item that’s in stock, we’ll ship it the same business day so you can get your wristbands ASAP.