Tyvek Wristbands for Bars and Night Clubs

When you're holding an event, no matter what you want it to be an enjoyable, memorable experience. One of the cheapest ways to enhance your event before your patrons even get inside is to offer memorable tickets and wristbands. People like souvenirs and when you slap a flashy wristband on their wrist as they enter, they just might keep it on for the next few days or save it somewhere. Either way you've created a lasting impression. Tickets make an easy souvenir as well! These physical memories of the event will encourage patrons to come back again and again. 

EventWristbands and Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing provide several fantastic options for nightclub owners. Colored wristbands, 21+ wristbands, V.I.P. wristbands and custom tickets are practically essential.

Providing colored wristbands is a great way to make your events look professional. EventWristbands offers a variety of colors that are bound to attract attention and encourage patrons to keep them as souvenirs. On top of all sorts of colored options, we also offer eye-catching patterned wristbands. Decorate your patrons wrists with American flags, checkers, zig-zags and more. We've even got holographic designs!

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Let's say your club is 18+ though. You're going to need more than flashy wristbands, you need to distinguish the legal drinkers from the underagers. Luckily, we offer a few wristbands with clear 21+ indicators. "Drinking Age Verified" reads one design and simply "Over 21" reads another. We sell these in a variety of colors as well, so you don't have to sacrifice clarity for style. 

Depending on your audience, you may need to distinguish your patrons even further though. V.I.P. patrons increase the status of your club, so make sure you provide them with a thoroughly swanky experience. Our V.I.P. bands can be read clearly and they also come in several colors. 

Finally, if admittance to your club takes more than just a wristband, make sure your tickets impress! Tickets are a likely souvenir, so why wouldn't you want your lasting impression to stand out? TA Ticket Printing offers a plethora of options so you can elevate every event to its fullest visual potential. Customize your tickets with an attractive background image like a microphone, a band's silhouette or some DJ gear. You can even make your tickets look like $100 bills! Most designs come with several color options. 

You want to elevate your nightclub above the rest in every way. Why not start with your wristbands and tickets? Professional looking events start with professional looking materials and EventWristbands and TA Ticket Printing offer some of the best.