Wristbands for Aquariums and Zoos

The hustle and bustle in and out of zoos and aquariums is a welcomed site for these cherished attractions, but during the busy season(s) it becomes difficult to verify that all guests have paid their admission and are accounted for.   A quick way to identify a paid guest is to place a wristband on them.  Your zoo or aquarium representatives will quickly be able to note whether a guest has paid admission or not, simply by viewing their wrist.   At the same time, a custom wristband can host some great information like social media accounts, a new attraction, upcoming events, and more!

 It’s also a great idea to offer a different wristband for special season ticket holders, donors, and members.  Your guest service representatives can make sure to say hello to these valued members, offer them a unique tour or a special treat, and ensure a top-notch experience. 

In addition to regular visiting hours, many zoos and aquariums around the country are holding after-hours events to increase revenue and pull in new demographics.  These events often include beer and wine tastings, holiday parties, galas and more.  For these special events, it is especially important to verify drinking ages.  An age verified wristband will note that the patron is of legal drinking age and reduce work for the bartender.   Likewise, a sparkly VIP wristband will distinguish these special VIP guests from the general admissions guests. 

Accounting for your valued patrons should be a smooth and easy process.  Wristbands can affordably assist managers with daily entry management and special events.  Since zoos and aquarium are environmentally conscientious, tab-free, litter-free Tyvek wristbands and plastic wristbands are a great option that won’t leave little white stickers everywhere. 

We’d like to give a shout out to our friends at Zoo Atlanta, Congrats on your new panda twins! We can’t wait to see them!