Wristbands for Art Strolls

Wristbands for Art Strolls

group of people at outdoor art crawl festival

The fall weather is quickly approaching and the cool, brisk breeze makes an art stroll the perfect weekend activity. Whether they take place in the city, or in a small town square, art strolls are great for the whole family. With all the amazing art work, these events tend to bring in a ton of people, too! A big crowd is a great thing, but with a large amount of people it’s not always easy to keep an event organized.  That’s where we come in! EventWristbands offers a variety of affordable wristbands that can help organize your art stroll.

Many art strolls include vendors that sell alcoholic beverages so attendees can enjoy a nice cold drink or glass of wine while viewing the unique art. By using “Over 21” or “Age-Verified” wristbands, those attendees over the age of 21 can be easily deciphered from those who are not of age. The use of bright-colored, labeled wristbands, allows alcohol vendors to hand out drinks quickly and efficiently without having to check each person’s ID.

In addition to having alcohol available for those strolling through, many times art strolls and festivals offer instructional classes for attendees to take in order to learn more about different art techniques. The majority of the time, these classes have limited availability, so the use of wristbands make organizing these classes much more effective. For example, you could hand out customized, class-specific wristbands to the first 25 people in line for the class. The bold wristbands make it easier for art instructors to keep track of their class attendees and focus more on teaching rather than getting distracted with people coming in and out of the class.

Another great use of wristbands is for “Kids Corners”. Although art strolls are family events, sometimes it’s nice for parents to be able to drop off their kids at the event, while they do some browsing. Activities for kids are very popular at weekend festivals and events.  Bright-colored wristbands with bold designs will help identify children in a group and will effectively organize the children's area. Simple Tyvek wristbands and plastic wristbands are durable and cannot easily be torn or ripped off; they are perfect for kids who like to play rough. The paper-like material of Tyvek wristbands allows parents to write their child's name and their contact number on the wristband with a Sharpie in case of an emergency. This is helpful for teachers or volunteers when trying to identify a child and when parents are picking a child up from the class.

Lastly, wristbands can be used simply to keep track or to keep count of people coming in and out of the art stroll. Maybe it's a paid and ticketed event (we offer a wide variety of tickets, too) and you want to keep track of everyone who has paid and has been given a wristband. Or maybe, you are just curious as to how many people attended the event and wristbands make it easy for you to keep count. Whatever it may be, there are plenty of great reasons to keep things behind the scenes at your event simple, easy and effective with the use of wristbands from EventWristbands!