Wristbands for Hotels & Resorts

Wristbands for Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Cheap Wristbands for your Hotel or Resort!

Wristbands are a great and inexpensive way to control access to a hotel or resort since they are easy to spot and comfortable to wear.

Tyvek wristbands are made of waterproof Tyvek material and stick on with a waterproof adhesive, so they will stay on guests even if they take a dip in the pool. Our Custom Tyvek wristbands can be easily customized with the hotel's logo and text, making the bands even more secure.

Plastic wristbands are extremely durable and great for multi-day use. They are non-transferable with the one-time snap closure, ensuring guests will be unable to give their wristbands away to non-guests. Create your own Custom Plastic Wristbands for security bands that are unique to the hotel or resort by adding the logo.

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