Wristbands For Ice Skating Rinks

We recently talked about some of the events and festivals that make winter so enjoyable, but there’s a certain pastime that’s near and dear to our hearts, ice-skating. This lovely winter activity fills us with nostalgia and thoughts of snowy days spent with family. So it makes sense that we’d be excited for winter & ice-skating season!

ice skating in winter in big cityIf you’re ticketing an ice-skating rink or planning an event around one, we’ve got some quality tips for you! We just added a variety of  “general admission” wristband options in a wide range of colors. They’re perfect for “all-day” skating passes that allow skaters to leave for lunch, go shopping, see a movie and come back for more! You can also use different colors to distinguish between price points and/or age groups.

If you’re looking for something with a distinct winter theme you can use our custom wristbands to create your own! With these you can feature clip art such as an ice skate or a snowflake. Whether you choose Tyvek, plastic, holographic or even cloth, you can always customize your wristbands with the text and/or image(s) of your choice. We encourage you to make your ice skating rink wristbands unique by adding a logo, or even the rink's address and phone number. Remember, these wristbands make for great keepsakes as well! The more unique your event is, the more memorable your patrons' experience will be.

Wristbands in general are a great way to organize your event. With as fun as ice skating is, you're bound to draw many people to your rink. Wristbands will help you and your employees keep track of those coming in and out of the rink, those who have paid for their time and those who have not yet paid.

Wristbands not only help organize your event, but they also help promote it. Think about it. If patrons continue to wear their wristbands after leaving the rink, they are basically a walking advertisment. Patrons who have previously skated at your rink, can pass along the rink's information found on the wristbands to their friends, family and people in the area.