Wristbands for School Bus Routes

Wristbands for School Bus Routes

Wristbands can have a variety of uses aside from event security and organization! Schools can use wristbands for all kinds of event activities, and even for school safety!

One of the more creative uses for wristbands is to use different colored wristbands to identify students' bus routes at school. It's a cheap and effective way to ensure that students get to their proper school bus route and don't get lost trying to get home. It's something that can be used for just the beginning of the school year until students get used to their routines, or something that can be used all year long!

We have a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so that no two routes will have the same wristband!

To save on costs, put the wristbands onto student's backpacks so that they can keep the same one for the entire school year. Be sure to hold on to any extra wristbands so that If a wristband gets torn or lost, you can simply give the student one of the extra bands.

For added security, use customized wristbands with the school name and logo. Tyvek Wristbands can also be written on with a permanent marker, so the bus route can be written on there as well to help prevent students from getting lost.

Wristbands similar to these can also be used for when students go on field trips to exciting places! Since wristbands are easy to spot and difficult to remove, they can help keep students safe and together during an outing.