Wristbands for Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks are quickly becoming a popular destination for family fun, birthday parties and even fitness activities.

We here at Event Wristbands are huge fans of everything about these trampoline parks - a giant room made out of trampolines - what could be better?!

If you're planning on hosting a birthday party or office outing, our trampoline park wristbands are an excellent way to keep track of your party members, especially when they're jumping all over the place!

For owners of trampoline parks, our customizable wristbands can help to ensure park security while allowing you to design a wristband unique to your business. Custom Tyvek wristbands are a great and affordable option to put on patrons for day-to-day activities and there are multiple colors available to separate the different jump times and packages available to your jumpers.

If wristband litter is a concern, we also offer customizable Tab-Free Tyvek wristbands (also known as litter-free). Since the tab doesn't detach, it prevents patrons from tearing off their wristbands and leaving them scattered around the park! 

For those who want more unique, affordable wristbands with a quicker turnaround time, we offer a variety of Tyvek wristbands with designs that are uniquely our own. So you can rest assured knowing that a guest can't purchase a wristband from a typical party supply store.

No matter what type of trampoline park wristband you need, we have it!