bright orange tyvek wristbands for plates on peachtree

Wristbands for Waterparks

Wristbands are an affordable and efficient way to control event admission and security at a waterpark. bright orange tyvek wristbands for plates on peachtree

Our Tyvek wristbands are made of a durable and waterproof Tyvek material with a waterproof adhesive, so they will stay put on guests even through a long day of activities. They can also be easily customized with the waterpark's logo, ensuring added security.

If wristband litter is a concern, we also offer customizable Tab-Free Tyvek wristbands (also known as litter-free). Since the tab doesn't detach, it prevents patrons from tearing off their wristbands and leaving them scattered around the park!

green plastic wristband for eventsPlastic wristbands are also waterproof and made of a comfortable, durable plastic material. They are great for waterparks and mult-day events. With the secure snap closure, they are non-transferrable. Our waterproof plastic wristbands come in a variety of bright colors to choose from, making them easy to see even in the water!

Our plastic wristbands are also customizable with black text and logos, making them unique to the waterpark using them. We offer custom plastic wristbands in 11 different bold colors to choose from.