Wristbands to Feed the Hungry

As the holidays approach, many organizations offer food for the homeless in the spirit of giving, and our wristbands are here to aid in the process.

While our wristbands allow for an easy way to quickly organize any event, a colored band can provide quick and easyMetallic Red Tyvek Wristbands visual feedback for organizations giving out food to help feed the hungry. Our wristbands come in several different colors, and are offered in multiple designs, which can aid in many different ways.

For a kitchen that wishes to keep track of how many meals are left to give out, remaining wristbands to be handed out can correspond with the amount of food still waiting to be distributed. For those organizations which offer more than one meal choice, wristbands can serve as a quick identifier between the dinners that are offered, and the preference of the individual being served. Finally, wristbands make for an easy way to see who has been taken care of, and who still needs to be served.Metallic Gold Tyvek

Our solid color wristbands, offer an affordable package that comes in festive colors, and are sure to delight the wearer. Our custom wristbands have the added benefit of offering the option of adding a personal message wishing the wearer holiday cheer, something the wearer may take with them even after they have finished their meal.

This holiday season, consider using our many different types of wristbands to aid in the process of feeding the hungry. Make the experience a memorable one, and send visitors off with a full stomach and brightly colored wristband to spread the holiday cheer among others.